iGoogle canvas gadgets launch in Europe

Today… iGoogle canvas has finally launched in Europe. Traditional iGoogle gadgets are ideal to show basic information or functionalities. With the launch of canvas the iGoogle experience has become much richer. A user will still have the basic gadget on his page. A click in the newly introduced left navigation however can show a full screen gadget.

iGoogle from a user perspective

With the launch of canvas a user will notice his top links (tabs) will disappear. They will show up as a left navigation link in their iGoogle page. Each tabname will shop up in bold. Tabs will by default be expanded and list the titles of this gadget. From a usability perspective it is more than ever important to start with your 2 most important words to help the scanning eye find a gadget in the left navigation.

iGoogle includes Google Chat

The left navigation will also automatically include Google Chat. From this small box you can invite friends to chat. If you have a Gmail account containing contacts they will show using autocomplete function after having typed the first 2 letters.

Full screen Gmail Gadget

Almost all major functionality of Gmail is now included into one full screen iGoogle gadget. A user will be able to view his entire inbox. Mails can be opened, replied to and be deleted from within the gadget. Link to Gmail gadget can be included here

Extra features for canvas gadgets:
Play games inside a canvas gadget link
Include youtube video content inside gadget link
Include graphs using Google visualisation API link

What happens if your company does not have an iGoogle canvas gadget?

If you currently have a gadget and have not created a canvas version a click on the left navigation link of your gadget will show a full screen page with only part of it filled with your small gadget. Google in return takes the opportunity to show a user a list of related gadgets displayed as ‘you might also like’. The gadgets listed here may very well show your competitors since the items shown tend to be related to the gadget. In short: it will be worth the effort to create a canvas gadget from a competitive angle as well.

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