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Currency Converter Gadget

To gain experience with iGoogle Canvas gadgets we developed the Currency Converter gadget. We used Google tools which at that time were new to us such as the visualization API and internationalization

The results:

  • 220.000 users
  • 20.000.000 pageviews p/m
  • Users in 30 languages including Chinese

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Preview - Currency Converter Gadget

Start gadget

The start gadget delivers what we think is important on the internet: usability and service. A user can request a logo for any site. JPRmedia creates it and and from then on any user can add that icon to their own start gadget.

The results:

  • 25.000 users
  • 130+ 5 star ratings
  • almost 2000 icons created

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Preview - Start gadget

Dutch National Rail gadget

For Dutch National Rail we developed a travel planner. Users can store their frequent trips in the gadget. After adding this functionality growth exploded.

The results:

  • 140.000 users
  • 10.000.000 pageviews p/m
  • Monthly growth of over 30%

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Preview - Dutch National Rail gadget

Buienradar gadget

The leading Dutch online publisher of weather information asked JPRmedia to develop a truly engaging canvas gadget to replace the more traditional text based gadget.

The results:

  • 240.000 users
  • 20.000.000 pageviews p/m
  • monthly growth of over 30%

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Preview - Buienradar gadget